Call for Application – Postgraduate Assistantships

Centre for Arts and Design (CAD) is looking for Postgraduate Assistantships for the 1st semester of academic year 2020/2021 (Deadline: 11/08/2020)


Duties and Assignments:

  • All assistantship recipients are required to engage in duties related to research, ancillary teaching and/or student service, organization of events, seminars, conference and any jobs assigned by CAD.
  • Considering that each Centre may deal with different areas of knowledge and nature of work/project, the nature of ancillary teaching duties of the above assistantship may vary according to the needs of the Centre, subject to the approval of Centre head concerned.



  • A monthly grant of MOP6,250 per month (Half-support)


Basic Requirements:

  • The appointed assistantship should possess relevant background/skills/abilities including but not limited to academic degree, experience and other exposure.
  • Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Centre, the selection will give priority to those whose academic studies or previous experience are related to arts and design.


Further Information:

         Funding Guidelines for PhD and Master Students


Application and Enquiry:

         Please send your CV to Centre for Arts and Design

         * Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview (if necessary)