Master Program

MA in Communication (Visual Communication) (2021/2022)

The Specialization of Visual Communication includes the practice of various creative media in art, design and digital media, such as ink painting, oil painting, Chinese calligraphy, graphic design, photography, digital art, animation and video. This two-year programme emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art and design, and prepare students to become creative artists or designers.

Application procedure: Apply online at UM GRS website, upload information and documents required by GRS, and send the following additional information to 1) CV (Chinese or English); 2) English proficiency test score (if you do not have TOEFL, IELTS or CET-6 score, you could submit Mainland China’s graduate entrance exam score, or other documents demonstrating your English proficiency); and 3) Art and design portfolio. Art and design portfolio should contain 10 to 20 images of your work. Please compress each image to 72 dpi, the longest side 3000 pixel, save it as jpg file in quality 3, each file should not be over 1mb. You could also send compressed/small pdf files. For video, please convert them to 480 mov/mp4 file.  No file larger than 20mb will be accepted.